Pub Classics

Spicy Buffalo chicken wings, ranch dressing - 18 gf

Smoked pork nachos, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeño - 17 gf

Caesar salad, soft egg, croutons, parmesan - 18

Marly double cheese burger, bacon, pickles, American mustard - 20

Fried chicken burger, avocado, lettuce, tomato, aioli - 19

Chicken schnitzel, chips, slaw - choice of sauce - 20

Chicken parmi, chips, slaw - choice of sauce - 24

Grilled 250g rump steak, chips, slaw - choice of sauce - 23

100% Plant Based

Tomato and garlic bread - 8 vG

Chips, ketchup - 6 vG, gf

Fried plantain chips, pickles, chipotle cashew dip - 12 vG, gf

Black bean nachos, guacamole, pickles,

jalapeño, sesame cheese - 15 vG, gf

Veggie burger, coconut bacon, beetroot, tomato,

chipotle mayo, chips - 19 vG

Caesar salad, croutons, tofu, coconut bacon, cheese - 18 vG

Sri Lankan coconut and pumpkin dhal, greens, pickles, roti - 19 vG

Rigatoni pasta Bolognese, basil, pangrattato - 19 vG

Fried mushroom, corn and kale calzone,

tomato and sesame - 25 vG

Tomato & asparagus panzanella, Bloody Mary sauce - 18

vG - vegan v - vegetarian gf - gluten free

Our menu contains dishes that are 100% plant based but please be aware that whilst we take special care to prepare these meals separately from any animal produce, the food is cooked in the same kitchen as non plant based meals. 


To reserve a table, please contact us at or call (02) 9519 1222.