Introducing to you, the unbelievably delicious food from our mates Fat Belly Jack's. It's time to say hello to the best burger you've had in a long time!


Scroll down to see the full menu of deli sandwiches, fried chicken, burgers, mains & snacks! There's heaps to share or have all to yourself, plus plenty of options for our plant-based friends. 




Monday & Tuesday - 5pm to 9pm 

Wednesday & Thursday - 12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 9pm

Friday - 12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 10pm

Saturday - 12pm to 10pm

Sunday - 12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 9pm



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Classic Schnitty | $20

Chicken or eggplant schnitzel served with fries, slaw and a side of house gravy


Marly Parmi | $23

Chicken or eggplant parmigiana served with fries and slaw


Fish & Chips | $19

Battered fish of the day served with crinkle cut fries and tartare


Tacos | 2 for $18 OR 3 for $24

Served with chipotle mayo, slaw, salsa

Choice of one topping: barbacoa beef, battered fish, southern fried cauliflower


Classic Hot Dog | $15

American frankfurter with diced onion, tomato, mustard and Fat Belly Jack’s sauce served with choice of side


Brisket Dog | $21

American frankfurter with pulled brisket, jalapeños, chipotle mayo and BBQ sauce served with choice of side


NYC Chopped Salad | $19

Grilled chicken or southern fried tofu, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, parmesan croutons & Fat Belly Jack’s dressing


Buddha Bowl | $19

Pearl cous cous, curried eggplant, sweet potato, edamame, chickpeas and kaleslaw
Add pulled brisket $5
Add grilled chicken $5


Add a side: $5 crinkle cut fries, $5 kaleslaw, $5 mac & cheese






FBJ's Nashville | $19

Nashville hot chicken (choice of heat), red eye mayo, bread & butter pickles & oak lettuce


Ol' Kentucky | $20

Southern fried chicken, Kentucky BBQ sauce, sweet mayo, American cheese & oak lettuce


Chipotle Chook | $20

Flame grilled chicken, chipotle mayo, american cheese, jalapeños & kaleslaw


Grilled Kentucky | $20

Flame grilled chicken, Kentucky BBQ, sweet mayo, American cheese, oak lettuce and tomato






Classic Smash Burger | $19

Smashed beef patty, American cheese, jumbo American pickles, raw onion & Fat Belly Jack’s sauce


Le Fancy Smash Burger | $20

Same as above but with lettuce and tomato


BBQ Bacon Burger | $23

Southern fried bacon, smashed beef patty, American cheese, jalapeños, Kentucky BBQ & Fat Belly Jack’s sauce






Nashville Hot Tofu | $19

Nashville hot tofu (your choice of heat), red eye mayo, bread n butter pickles & oak lettuce (Vegan option available)


Tofu Kentucky | $20

Southern fried tofu, kentucky BBQ sauce, sweet mayo, american cheese & oak lettuce (Vegan option available)


All burgers served with your choice of side (crinkle cut fries, Louisiana slaw, potato & gravy, mac n cheese +$1)


Burger Add-Ons:
Jalapenos $2
American Cheese $2
Blue Cheese Sauce $2
Ranch Sauce $2
Steaky Bacon $4
Pulled Brisket $5
Extra Chicken Fillets $5
Extra Smashed Beef & Cheese $5




Share Fries | $12

Served with Fat Belly Jack’s mayo


Brisket Fries | $18

Crinkle cut fries with pulled brisket, jalapeños, chipotle mayo and BBQ sauce


Halloumi Fries | $16

Served with chipotle mayo


Nashville Tenders | 3 for $15 OR 5 for $20

Chicken or tofu tenders in your choice of heat

Served with choice of sauce


Wing Basket | 7 for $14 OR 12 for $20

Served with buffalo and blue cheese sauce or smoky BBQ sauce


Cauliflower Bites | $18

Southern fried cauliflower bites served with choice of sauce



House Side Sauces $2

Blue Cheese
FBJ Sauce
Red Eye Mayo
Chipotle Mayo
Kentucky BBQ





Kids Fish & Chips | $13


Kids Tenders & Chips | $13

(V) Vegetarian | (VG) Vegan



We take your allergy and dietary requirements very seriously. Please advise your needs at time of booking and our chefs and kitchen team will do their best to accommodate you.



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A 10% surcharge is payable on public holidays.