Saturday 6th


Join us and our fabulous stars as they bedazzle the Mary stage. Curated by DJ Sveta this glamourous collective will take us on the ride of our Mardi Gras life with this show-stopping party!


It's time to dress up or down, put on your best heels and celebrate the most wonderful season of the year - MARDI GRAS! 


While you're exploring outfit options take a moment and meet our stars. 



If it's a bit risque, drool and bejazzled, it's all in a days work for this glittering globetrotter. Sheba has been compared to artists such as Meow Meow, Eartha Kitt and Grace Jones! 



Needing no introduction in Sydney, Felicia Foxx reigns from Campbeltown in South Western Sydney and her mob is the Kamilaroi tribe from Moree and Dhunghutti tribe from Kempsey. She is a queen of colour and will take you back into the dream time with her luscious long Faboriginal legs!


Ms Burley Chaise 

Burley Chaise is a longstanding Queen of the Weird in Sydney, with a career spanning over 8 years, bringing constant spinning door of looks and concepts to stages and club throughout the queer scene. A chatty and loving queen, celebrating the rainbow of love within our community. 


Dyan Tai 

Dyan Tai is a resident DJ at Poof Doof and The Imperial Hotel after playing at venues and parties across Sydney in the last 5 years. As a DJ, he is known for his pop anthems, RnB/Hip Hop bangers along with a cheeky power ballad here and there. 



Before there was Little Mix before there was One Direction, found inhabiting the streets of Chinatown were Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle's long lost cousins best friend's Grinder ex-lovers. In 2021 reinvented as an Asian super group, "Slaysians" created and produced by Dyan Tai feat Karanaford and Jack, they come here to SLAY!