Join us on Saturday 27 January



Hottest 100 Day at The Marly is going to be HUGE! The party is on all day with a BBQ out the back, $5 Young Henry's schooners and a one off keg from BATCH Brewing Company. 

CLICK HERE to attend

Nail. Your. Top. 10. 
1. DJ set by Alex the Astronaut and Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music)
2. DJ set by Dom Alessio
3. Listen to the Hottest 100 all day
4. Batch Brewing Company is brewing a one off keg
5. $5 Young Henrys Newtowner tinnies
6. Fernando's Best of the West BBQ in the garden
7. Top 10 Songs Competition
8. Bragging rights when you win said competition
9. Bring your dogs! 
10. Glorious weather (to be confirmed)