Pretzels, Schnitzels & more


Our all new bar, Cuckoo, comes with an all new menu - and it's delicious. From our signature salted, seeded, twisted preztels to our variety of schnitzels, our recipes will take you back to the flavours that came out of Oma's kitchen. 


Once you've collected your meal from the pass, top your plate up to your heart's content at our condiment kingdom. Whether you like your pretzels & kranskyies with mustard or sriracha mayo, we won't judge.




Warm Seeded Pretzel 12

+ add mushroom & Jager gravy 2

+ add beer & cheese fondue 2


Snow covered fried potatoes, Jager sour cream 12


Spatzle, pork knuckle & cheese kroketten 8


Smoked kransy sausage, currywurst 8


Cabbage & bacon strudel 8


Chicken schnitty sando, kraut, cucumber, 10

+ vegan option available




All schnitzels are served with potato & egg salad and a choice of:


Mushroom & Jager Gravy

Paprika Goulash


Chicken Schnitzel 200g 20


Veal Schnitzel 200g 28


Pork Schnitzel 300g 30