Coming all the way from Darlinghurst to the top end of King Street in Newtown, it's Breko & his cult classic Music Bingo!


Forget your trivias, forget your board games, forget your boring old normal bingo - THIS is where the party is. Every Thursday at the Marly from 7:30PM, Breko is bringing you the goods.


Breko will take over the decks as reprise his role as DJ/host with the most, and play through his songs. You then have the mark off each song on your answer sheet as you hear it. Once you've marked them all, don't forget to yell BINGO.


There will be three rounds played over the course of the night, and Bingo Daubers will be supplied. You may also bring along your own texta if you wish!


Breko's Music Bingo is absolutely FREE to play, and there are PLENTY of prizes & drinks to be won every week.


It all kicks off at 7:30PM every Thursday at the Marly - click below to book your table now!

The Marly practices social distancing & good hygiene at all times. We strongly advise all customers to remain in their seats as often as possible when visiting the pub, order quickly at the bar and promptly return to their seats & to stay home if they are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms.